We recognise that investors are different, and so may need different levels of information and research. These requirements could range from basic industry-level data reports to the more detailed insights requested by sophisticated investors such as property companies, high net worth investors, financial planners, and institutional investors.

We differentiate ourselves from competing services by sticking to our core competencies – adding value with our research rather than regurgitating the headlines; and avoiding dangerous short-termism in our investment views while remaining aware of tactical advantages.

To cater to these requirements, we tailor our products and services into three main categories:

  Free PIR Professional Corporate Membership
Weekly news updates on the sector
Unlisted property fund evaluation reports, with ratings
Listed company profiles for: Listed Property Trusts, Developers and Infrastructure stocks
Access to our monthly property review
Access to monthly global property sector statistics
Access to our Annual Property Funds Industry Survey
Access to PIR staff for one-on-one briefings (2 per year)
Annual fee

$2000 per user
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