Australian Property Funds Industry Annual Survey

The Australian Property Funds Industry Survey is an essential tool for property industry participants.

Since 2003, PIR has created Australia’s largest and most comprehensive property funds database, actively updated in each year’s issue of the Australian Property Funds Industry Survey. This one-of-a-kind product highlights assets under management, capital structure, structural shifts within industry sectors, and other vital trends.

This publication encompasses:

* 77 fund managers; and

* Over 280 property funds and another 30+ property securities funds, with circa 530,000 investors; and

 * Circa $330 billon of total assets.

The Australian Property Funds Industry Survey contains vital information for industry participants, including:


1. Analysis of the main property fund sectors, including:

    > Total assets under management by sector

    > An index of the top 10 fund managers/property groups by sector

    > Sector-wide MERs, WALE, total returns, cap rates, and distributions

2. Information on individual funds, including:

    > Property assets

    > Investor participation

    > Management companies and key contacts

Pricing: 2017 (soft copy)

Special price expires 30th September 2017 -  $1,650 (inc GST)

Standard price - $2,200 (inc GST)

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2016 (last year's) edition - $1,100 (inc GST) soft copy edition

You can find a sample PDF here.

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